A knockoff copy of Disney's Ratatouille


I develop new methods of constructing knockoffs, a type of synthetic control, in high dimensional variable selection problems. Lucas Janson is my advisor on this project.

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A board game with pieces and a die

Privacy and Game Theory

I’m working to model the behaviors of agents who prefer not to reveal their preferences to a mechanism (in the context of algorithmic mechanism design). We find that differentially private mechanisms may reduce net social utility.

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A multimodal 2 dimensional distribution

Training Discrete VAEs for Sentences

Some methods to improve training of discrete variational autoencoders applied to natural language processing. Specifically, we use clustering algorithms to improve the accuracy of biased gradient updates.

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Young children working at school

Heterogenous Effects in Literacy Interventions

We identified strong heterogenous effects from a randomized control trial studying early language literacy interventions in Miami-Dade.

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Dallas, TX Downtown


A geospatial package I wrote at the Manhattan Institute for a report on urban Texas housing markets. It’s intended to be a fully reproducible data project.

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Stacked Boxes


A beginner’s guide to developing packages in R, which I wrote for the IQSS at Harvard. It also includes a comprehensive introduction to git and github.

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