About Me


At Harvard, I'm a joint Statistics and Mathematics concentrator with a minor in CS. I spend most of my free time studying methods in high-dimensional inference with Professor Lucas Janson. I will (hopefully!) graduate in May 2021.

In high school, I was a competitive debater, and I continue to compete internationally for Harvard's debate team. I'm also a classical pianist and flutist (there are an embarassing number of videos of my performances on youtube). My other interests include public policy, economics, and fantasy/science fiction.

Family & Friends

I have two siblings, and they are both cooler than me. My twin sister Emily is a rock star who attends Harvard as well as the Berklee College of Music. My brother Ben is a total nerd at MIT who wrote the first iteration of the Halite Programming Challenge when he was 15. Here's a picture of us in Yosemite from August 2017:

Me and my siblings

We also play together in an award-winning piano trio.